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Tel Opinion Research does it again!

2016 was a great year for Tel Opinion.  We were pleased to help elect and re-elect a number of Congressmen, State Senators and Legislators in Florida, New York, Virginia and North Carolina as well as Louisiana. 

We were involved early with issues pertaining to the Republican Presidential nomination.

We were proud to have worked for Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina, and pleased that the numbers were accurate, even though the outcome was not what we wanted.

In North Carolina we helped re-elect Congressmen as well as State Senators, State Representatives and a number of other county and town officials.  Our accurate and timely results worked to help keep control of both houses in the State Legislature. We also executed statewide research involving issues surrounding alcoholic beverages as well as studies on the economic environment.

In Florida we worked closely with the Florida Agriculture Department on “healthy eating issues.”  We dealt with a series of State Senate, State House and local candidates, many of whom were successful.  Using in house Hispanic interviewers, we also did a number of statewide and local surveys within the Hispanic community, which helped to develop strategies for Congressional and state legislative candidates.

In Louisiana and Mississippi we worked with both fishing and agricultural interests to determine attitudes among consumers about farming and fishing issues in these two states, executed several statewide political studies, and dealt with studies involving both education and healthcare and congressional contests.

In New York we helped elect or re-elect ten State Senators and over thirty State Assembly members.  Providing timely data helped re-elect every Senate Republican and Assembly Republican we worked for. Our work in the 60th State Senate District helped Republicans maintain control of the State Senate.

In the health care field we worked with Anesthesiologists in seven states to help them show Governors and State Legislators that the issues they supported actually had massive public support across their state.

From Los Angeles to Tennessee we worked with the Trust for Public Land on park studies helping to determine park usage and the impact on the health of communities within cities across the United States.

In Virginia, we were proud to be working with new Congressman Scott Taylor in both his primary and general election efforts. Tel Opinion did a very significant regional study on environmental and conservation issues in the Piedmont region of the state.

And, not least, West Virginia gave us the opportunity to play a role in an independent expenditure involving the gubernatorial contest.

Our thanks to our clients and friends, both past and present, and we look forward to the coming cycle.