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Tel Opinion Research does it again!

2014 was another banner year for Tel Opinion Research.  We were pleased to help re-elect Maine Governor Paul LePage and continued our work on behalf of Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina.

In North Carolina we helped re-elect three Congressmen as well as State Senators, State Representatives and scores of other county and town officials.  Our accurate and timely results worked on these numerous Congressional, Senate and House races, which led to continuing control of both houses in the State Legislature.

In Florida we once again worked closely with the Florida Agriculture Department on “healthy eating issues,” along with playing a key role in pushing the Florida Environmental Bond issue over the 60% needed for approval.  We did a number of statewide surveys within the Hispanic community, which helped to develop strategies that aided in the re-election of Governor Scott.

Working with K-12, the online charter school pioneers, we delved into key education issues in major states that included California, Michigan and Tennessee.  In New York we worked on school board issues helping place control of the Buffalo School Board in the hands of progressive, conservatives.

In New York we continue to have a major presence, having helped elect or re-elect thirteen State Senators and over thirty State Assembly members.  Providing timely data helped re-elect every Senate Republican and Assembly Republican we worked for.

In the health care field we worked with Anesthesiologists in four states to help them show Governors and State Legislators that the issues they were in support of, actually had massive public support across their state.