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Canvassing a Major Business Group


The Buffalo Niagara Partnership is the strongest business organization in New York State outside metropolitan New York City.  Despite its strength, it needed to better understand its membership, their needs and commitments to improving the upstate New York economy.

The Environment

Working closely with the Vice President for government affairs and the Partnerships political director, a survey was developed to gain a better understanding of member's needs. The survey included everything from the quality and quantity of e-mail information to health care benefits provided by the organization. It also gathered information regarding members' attitudes on issues affecting business in the Congress and State Legislature.

The results of our research showed a high level of positive awareness of the hospital, strong support for keeping it open and a high ranking on several specialty areas Including emergency care, heart and cancer care.

The Outcome

Using the results of our survey, the Partnership was able to report to its members a high level of interest and support for the programs and legislative efforts of the business group. It also was able to report areas of members' concerns that could be addressed by the Partnership on behalf of its members. The financial investment for the Partnership proved to save it many times the amount spent through redirection of their programs and efforts on behalf of its membership.