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Keeping a Public Hospital in Business


In a major Northeastern State, a panel has been empowered to reduce the number of hospitals statewide. Hospitals throughout the state are positioning themselves to prevent this from happening. Our client believes that among other things a major poll showing support for the hospital could help influence lawmakers who will make the decision on hospital closings.

The Environment

Working closely with the public relations representatives of the hospital and the Hospital President as well, a survey was developed to show awareness, support and cutting edge technologies associated with the hospital. Comparisons were drawn on issues as far ranging as trauma centers to types of parking.

The results of our research showed a high level of positive awareness of the hospital, strong support for keeping it open and a high ranking on several specialty areas including emergency care, heart and cancer care.

The Outcome

Using the results of our survey in conjunction with a strong public relations and lobbying effort, the hospital was taken off the closure list and today continues to grow in strength and respect as of one the areas' finest hospitals.