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Barry Zeplowitz co-founded Tel Opinion Research and serves as Vice-President ‎and Research Director. For the past 25 years he has conducted hundreds of ‎survey research projects a year on behalf of companies from both the private and ‎public sector. His commitment is to specialize in affordable market research and ‎TOR maintains a fully monitored phone interviewing facility and data processing ‎center at its call center in Buffalo, NY. ‎ 

Mr. Zeplowitz has conducted public opinion polls in every region of the country and at every level, from small localities to multi-state surveys. 

He has conducted many national studies on issues ranging from frozen foods to ‎health care to arthritis medications, as well as survey research on environmental ‎and land development issues. In addition, he has served as a consultant as well ‎as conducted survey research on public referendum issues such as charter ‎schools, city-county mergers and disability services. He is directly involved in all ‎aspects of each research project insuring you deal directly with a principal of Tel ‎Opinion Research.‎