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Bill Lee has been professionally involved in political efforts and campaigns for in the United States, Central America and Africa.

He is an acknowledged expert in campaign planning and strategy and has taught these and other subjects in virtually every national conservative or Republican campaign school, for a variety of professional associations and as a guest lecturer at the Harvard Institute of Politics and American University.

Lee was involved in in the presidential efforts of Jack Kemp (1988, Senior Consultant), George H. W. Bush (1992), Senator Phil Gramm (1996) and Senator Bob Dole.

He was the pollster for the successful McCain for President primary campaign and part of the survey research team during the 2008 general election. Lee has also served as the general consultant for a number of successful congressional campaigns and with successful efforts for statewide campaigns.

Bill Lee co-founded and serves as President of Tel Opinion Research, a political and commercial survey research firm.

His clients have included every major national Republican committee, major professional associations and corporations, as well as sitting governors and congressmen.

Lee was the co-founder and first Chairman of the National Association of Republican Campaign Professionals,

Lee recently retired from the U.S. Army Special Forces and an element of the Joint Special Operations Command as a Chief Warrant Officer (USAR).  His service included a variety of assignments in various special operations capacities on three continents.  A native Texan, Lee now lives in Florida.