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Market Research Services

Tel Opinion Research's market research professionals are experienced across multiple industries and service organizations. We understand your study objectives and business issues and can develop a total plan to implement your goals. The primary tools and services we utilize for projects are:

  • Focus Groups

    For qualitative research such as focus groups, Tel Opinion has formed a strategic partnership with Insight Associates, Inc., for whom we do quantitative studies for their consumer-oriented clients, some of which are on the Fortune 500 list. This synergistic blend of expertise has resulted in one success story after another where the real winners are the political consultants working in the area of opinion management on projects ranging from bond issues and state constitutional changes to local and state elections, or the marketing directors who commit millions of company dollars based on the findings of the research.   
  • Telephone Surveys
    Telephone surveys are referred to as quantitative research or the broader view. Through the use of telephone surveys we can reach people in every type of situation from business people at work to consumers at home and farmers in the fields. Telephone surveys are timely, accurate and cost effective in seeking specific answers to questions that need to be answered now. Click here to download a sample market research report. (word) 

  • Trend Analysis
    By reviewing survey data over time, TOR can provide a trend analysis of reviewed data or surveys on an ongoing basis, which allows us to detect subtle but critical changes in the perceptions of consumers or voters in market perceptions or needs.