Accurate, timely research at a price you can afford.

Why Us - What Sets Tel Opinion Apart.....

Price. Tel Opinion Research is the most cost competitive national polling firm in America. Because we conduct research from our own phone center, the middle man in polling costs is eliminated and you benefit from the savings.

Our full-time staff is led by Research Director Barry Zeplowitz, who manages one of the most efficient polling operations anywhere in the country. While every project is priced differently, most range between $16 to $17 for a 30 question study, with the client receiving everything they need.

Technology. Tel Opinion Research has one of the most sophisticated CATI systems in the United States. Designed by Tel Opinion staff, the system allows us to efficiently and accurately present the client with timely results.

Our well-trained interviewers are with us far beyond the normal "life" of a survey research interviewer and help make our technology even more effective.

Experience. No one has more experience in national polling than the team of Barry Zeplowitz and Bill Lee and their 25 years of market research activity. From the construction of a research instrument to the final written analysis, your situation is in experienced hands.