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Recent Projects

There isn't a company anywhere that doesn't have a need for market research. We've done work for pizza chains, development companies, high-tech telecommunication companies, retail chains and many projects testing consumer products, and we look forward to working with you on your challenge.

TOR has conducted surveys involving every conceivable type of project. For clients who need highly sophisticated research, like segmentation of markets or trade-off analysis, we can be of help.

Frozen Food Industry

We helped a major company in the frozen food industry to determine at what point their private brand would begin to lose market share against their nationally known competitor in a product area involving over $100 million a year. Because of this research, the client avoided a major marketing war which they were very likely to lose.

Amusement Park

In another project involving a major amusement park with a heavily promoted camping area, we were able to determine why the park was not winning their market share within the camping area they so heavily promoted. By a simple change in audience targeting, they immediately began to build a broader base of support for this piece of the "entertainment" complex involved.

Regional Oil Company 

When a major regional oil company was setting up convenience stores and looking for a fast-food partner, our research saved the company from entering into an agreement that would have been very costly to the client.